Wrong Start in Memory Cultures

Transparente05Independent organisations of Black people and people of Colour as well as
postcolonial NGOs protest against their exclusion from the concept “Hamburg’s
colonial legacy”, set up by the city government. On July 8th Hamburg’s Senate introduced the outlines of a planned memory culture concept to the City Parliament. This is the first city-wide concept in Germany for coming to terms with the colonial past.  The organisations of Black people and the African associations in Hamburg placed emphasis on the fact that they were the ones to initiate that very idea, and in principle they now welcome the plan. However, they explicitly protest against the fact that they have been excluded from the concept development. Furthermore, no efforts seem to have been made to allow a future participation of the descendants of the colonized and of the critical history initiatives.

Ginnie Bekoe, advisory board member of ISD Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (Initiative Black People in Germany) comments: “It is a scandal that the descendants of the victims of colonialism are not allowed to participate in the development of the concept which actually has been initiated by us. It becomes very clear that even today the perspectives of Black people and people of Colour on the past and present of our city are deliberately being ignored.”

HMJokinen of the initiative Hamburg Postkolonial adds: “The senate has imposed a paper on memory culture, a top-down concept with no planned participation for the initiatives of the Black People and NGOs. We once again address to the city government to invite the aforementioned to a Round Table, where the concept can be discussed, developed and shared.”

Press Release: https://hhpostkolonial.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/pr_blackpeople_ngos_hamburg090714.pdf
More Information (in German):
Hamburg Senate – Guidelines addressed to the City Parliament: