Wrong Start in Memory Cultures

Transparente05Independent organisations of Black people and people of Colour as well as
postcolonial NGOs protest against their exclusion from the concept “Hamburg’s
colonial legacy”, set up by the city government. On July 8th Hamburg’s Senate introduced the outlines of a planned memory culture concept to the City Parliament. This is the first city-wide concept in Germany for coming to terms with the colonial past.  The organisations of Black people and the African associations in Hamburg placed emphasis on the fact that they were the ones to initiate that very idea, and in principle they now welcome the plan. However, they explicitly protest against the fact that they have been excluded from the concept development. Furthermore, no efforts seem to have been made to allow a future participation of the descendants of the colonized and of the critical history initiatives. Continue reading

Training “Learning to be White”

Zwei Shirts an der Leine Das Wochenendseminar vom 1. bis 3. November 2013 mit den beiden Trainern Austen Peter Brandt und Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz von Phoenix e.V. richtet sich an Mitglieder der weißen Mehrheitsgesellschaft, die ihre Prägungen und ihr Verhalten reflektieren, die Geschichte und die Wirkungsweise des Rassismus näher kennen lernen und gemeinsam an Strategien für eine Kultur der Verständigung und Begegnung arbeiten möchten.

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